The Vittorino Cazzetta Museum: discover the Mesolithic era

There are numerous important cultural itineraries in the province of Belluno.

The Locanda del Cantoniere is the ideal base for visiting the Vittorino Cazzetta Civic Museum of the Val Fiorentina, along with various other destinations.

The main exhibits of this palaeontological, archaeological and historical museum are a Mesolithic grave complete with funeral accoutrements found at Mondeval, and a cast of the surface of an enormous boulder fallen from Mount Pelmetto covered with dinosaur footprints.


Museo Cazzetta a Selva di Cadore

Given the importance of these internationally significant discoveries, the museum has recently been restored.

A visit to the museum is a veritable journey back in time and a must if you want to get to know the  history of Cortina and its surroundings.