The open-air museums of the Great War

Learn…and have fun!

There are numerous activities for children at Cortina; a visit to the open-air museum of the  Great War combines sport and culture in an evocative stroll through history.

I musei all'aperto della Grande Guerra nell'area Lagazuoi 5Torri

The Great War open-air museums of the Lagazuoi, the 5 Torri, the Sasso di Stria and the Tre Sassi Fort cover an area of around 5 square kilometres.  During the First World War, these mountains were a backdrop for the war between the Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies.

Walking in complete safety in the restored trenches or along the tunnel of the Lagazuoi armed with torch and helmet is a unique opportunity to get to know in an original way the events of the Great War fought high up in the mountains.